Copyright and stuff

I don’t claim a copyright on any of the stuff I have written or will write in the future on this blog. Feel free to reprint, republish or re-anything-else any of my thoughts posted on this blog. You don’t have to ask me and you don’t have to give me credit.

I am pro-bail. I believe in the role that professional bail agents play in our criminal justice system. I am against publicly funded bail except in cases where the defendant is a truly non-violent, indigent, first time offender with strong community ties. What I write and post on this blog will invariably reflect my bias. I believe my own BS. Financially secured bail bonds work. Many academic studies prove this. If you want to obtain some of these studies, just send me an email:

Feel free to use anything you find on this blog to promote the use of private bail. Please do note that some of the media I post links to on this blog may be protected by a copyright. So while I don’t claim a copyright, others might.

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